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Stressful Jobs That Pay Badly

This recent article from CNN and some of the ensuing comments make for a good laugh! Here are the candidates:

Social worker: $43,200
Special events coordinator: $35,900
Probation/parole officer: $38,400
News reporter: $32,900
Music ministry director: $40,800
Membership manager: $42,600
Fundraiser: $42,700
Commercial photographer: $43,600
Assisted living director: $46,000
Minister: $45,300
Marriage/family therapist: $44,400
Curator: $46,500
Substance abuse counselor: $32,400
Film/TV producer: $47,600
High school teacher: $43,000

This list lost all credibility in my eyes when I did not see MEDICAL RESIDENT??!?! Film Producer? Are you kidding me! I wonder why I was the first to even mention newly minted doctors in their comments section. Maybe it is because residents are too busy working 80-90 hrs a week or are post call sleeping the day away after being up for the past 30 hrs to take the time to write just a couple words and comment. Even something like “CALL BLOWS” would’ve sufficed. With salaries hovering in the low 40’s, that comes to barely breaking minimum wage when you factor in the 3000+ hours you work a year! All the while your pager is going off at all hours as you try to cover 30-40 very ill pts, dealing with arrogant obnoxious senior attending doctors and ancillary staff, and worrying about not getting your pants sued off or inadvertently killing someone. Let’s not forget about the $200K+ in student loans you are going to have to pay off which will trap you in this career forever. I just finished such a residency and even though I am in my early thirties I am so burned out that I am ready to retire. Indeed a career in MEDICINESUX!

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  1. November 18, 2009 at 5:47 pm

    You know what I found absurd? CNN posted a recent article like this one, but for jobs that were enjoyable or “easy” – something inane like that. Guess what they had on that list? Being a college professor! I was aghast. The way they describe being a professor sounded like a description of what it was like back in the 1950s. It really angered me. Yeah, maybe if you’re, like, 60 and tenured, being a professor is pretty swell. But if you’re fighting to get tenure and even have the luxury of working for a research institution, it is NOT an easy job. No way. No how. (I won’t even go into the life of an adjunct – talk about exploitation).

  2. medicinesux
    November 18, 2009 at 8:19 pm

    I agree with you that the pathway to becoming a professor is far from being “easy”. There are countless PHD’s who can barely scrape together a living after trying for years to land one of those full time tenured positions. But even if lucky enough to attain such a spot, there will be constant pressure to publish, write for grants, and contend with politics. There was a great posting by a very accomplished college professor who recently retired and on his blog he strongly advised anyone NOT to consider going down the road to get a PHD. If I can ever find it again, I will send it your way.

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