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Diminishing Job Satisfaction

An article put out by the NY times earlier this week gives an inside glimpse on what is leading to the escalating dissatisfaction seen in the doctor’s profession: 

“Thirty percent of my hospital admissions are being denied. There’s a 45-day limit on the appeal. You don’t bill in time, you lose everything. You’re discussing this with a managed-care rep on the phone and you think: ‘You’re sitting there, I’m sitting here. How do you know anything about this patient?’ ” Recently, he confessed, he has been thinking about quitting.

“In surveys, increasing numbers of doctors attest to diminishing enthusiasm for medicine and say they would discourage a friend or family member from going into the profession.”

“Some have resorted to selling herbs and vitamins retail out of their offices to make up for decreasing revenue.”

“increasing liability premiums that have forced many into early retirement.”

“A 10.6 percent cut in Medicare payments to physicians is scheduled to take effect on July 1. Further cuts are planned in coming years.”

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Hump that pillow!

June 17, 2008 1 comment

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A premed asks over on the Student Doctor Network (SDN) how he can prepare for residency through the process of sleep deprivation. “Sacrament” replied as follows:

“Trying to simulate residency by limiting your sleep is like trying to simulate sex by dry-humping a pillow”

I found this comment so hilarious yet so right on.  My nomination for quote of the year over on SDN.

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