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Escaping the American Rat Race

October 12, 2008 Leave a comment


Here is the story of Hans Keeling, a Stanford grad, who quit his corporate law job at Sullivan and Cromwell and traded it in for the beaches of Brazil. An inspiring story that definitely makes you stop and think. Are you truly living the life you want or are outside forces laying out a life for you as if you were some merciless leaf in some raging river?


“And while the money was good (for my age group in particular), it quickly became clear to me that it wasn’t worth the tradeoff.”

“I think that was a big enlightenment point – realizing that even if all went perfectly and I worked my butt off, the “prize” at the end of the rainbow was one I didn’t want. That’s when you really know it’s time to make a change.”

“But once I got out of school I had the brutal wake up call that this job was going to be a very harsh reality for a very long time”

“SAVE YOUR MONEY. It’s easy to get sucked into the “gold handcuffs” of the corporate world – fancy dinners, designer suites, convertibles, 5 star hotels and debt on your credit cards. But if and when you’re ready to make the jump to your own gig, trust me you’ll be glad to have the extra start-up capital and financial cushion to get you off the ground”

“You have to have the confidence that your intellect and work ethic got you this far in a very competitive field, and there’s no good reason it won’t continue to take you above and beyond in a career or business that you choose for yourself. Again, hopefully you’ll choose something you enjoy doing, then the work doesn’t feel like “work”, even if you spend lots of time doing it.”

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Duck Tales Inflation Lesson

October 9, 2008 Leave a comment

With each passing day, the economic crisis in America appears to be only getting worse. First it was individual banks failing, then it spread to states like California and Massachusetts, and now just this week whole countries like Iceland. (geesh are we next???) So what got us in this situation anyway? Simply put- GREED. The perfect storm was created when you have Americans living well beyond their means whose actions were validated by unscrupulous mortgage lenders. Watch this Duck Tales Video which shows how there really is no easy way to get money. As one commentator on the video pointed out, hopefully “idiot americans will get this now that it is presented on their level of thinking”. Who would’ve thought- money does not come easy- it comes out of HARD LABOR AND YOUR PRECIOUS TIME. This should serve as a reminder also how important it is to live frugally and be in a line of work you enjoy so you don’t find yourself being a slave to some miserable job… a medical one (couldn’t help myself for the tie in).

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How to Pay Off Your Student Loans Super Fast!

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So, I was diligently researching the internet tonight trying to find someway, somehow, to escape this medical hell I am in and came across the following possibility.  Check out what this Stanford Law Student did to wipe out her six figure student loan debt:0

So I figure, since I am already whoring away my dignity and time, I must as well get paid like an Elliot Spitzer high class 5 diamond call girl.  Instead, I am being paid as if I am some fat meth addicted edentulous washed up 50 year old back alley Atlantic City hoe who should feel grateful for getting ten dollars an hour after providing some yum yum.  Smart chick- except for the tax evasion part.

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