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Can Afford $180 Air Jordans but not a $20 physician copay???

December 24, 2011 2 comments

Seriously, what is wrong with this country? People can stand in line for hours in sub zero weather for a freaking pair of sneakers yet can’t get their fat asses off the couch to protest and vocalize the injustices in our govt right now? I am almost beginning to think that Nike has some sort of contract with Congress to keep Americans in their slumber.
Furthermore, I can’t fathom dropping that kind of money on footware. As my loyal readers may already know, I am quite the frugal minded person and I run a fiercely controlled budget. So my burning question is where are these folks getting this money? Can anyone tell me? Yet at the same time, they can’t cough up 20 bucks to pay the copay for a routine doctor’s visit? As society continues to devalue healthcare, you can only imagine where salaries are going to continue to trend. Why go through the rigors and hell of med school, when you can get a job working in fashion, sports, or anything pop culture related? That’s where the money seems to be going nowadays (at least before the economy completely goes off the cliff). Unbelievable! America is truly doomed until it gets its priorities back on track.

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