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60 HR Work Weeks Coming?

As if working 80 hrs a week was even remotely sane to begin with. If this ever comes to fruition, it will be way beyond overdue. 

Read the comments section from the Washington Post article below for some interesting perspectives. Who would’ve thought that the lay public would rather not be treated by a resident who has been up all night? Check out the good clashing going on between the old timer physicians and the younger crop of docs who are viewed as “lacking commitment”. One of these geezers even threatened to recommend his hospital stop taking residents if this were to go through

60 HR Work Weeks Coming?

One of the major complaints being voiced is that the hours of clinical training will no longer be sufficient. Though I believe this has some merit, I also see sour grapes from those who want to continue the hazing process and also from admin who will be losing their cheap slave labor. Too bad.  I’ve worked numerous 30 hr shifts myself as a resident and I’d rather not see anyone else coming up behind me forced to endure the same just because I suffered.   This wildly abusive system needs to be taken out of service once and for all. So what to do to make up for these lost hours?   I would chop off the fourth year of med school (which would also save a whole year of egregious tuition costs on a fairly useless year) and transform it into a mandated internship for EVERYONE no matter what specialty they eventually pursue. This infusion of 20K extra bodies would also help cover the increased hours that would need to be covered. This internship would be done at the hospitals your med school is affiliated with so there would be no applying. During this internship you would than apply to your respective residencies. Of course, med schools and hospitals would pitch a fit over this proposal since they would be out our student loan money.

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  1. simplelifeinfrance
    March 19, 2010 at 8:01 am

    Yeah, having just seen my husband through a serious emergency and a lengthy hospitalization where a minor error could have lead to sudden death, I am all for people working 60 instead of 80 hours a week. What the hell is that anyway? I don’t want someone in zombie mode caring for my loved ones.

    As for a supposed lack of commitment, what kind of doctors are we trying to ‘breed’ here. It’s getting tougher and tougher to get in and through medical school and I don’t think we’re better off for it. I personally like having doctors that seem something like human beings, not just grumpy robots in coats.

  2. crstabel
    April 23, 2010 at 6:54 pm

    Rock on. I totally agree – if there are concerns about residents not seeing enough cases before residency is done, then extend the number of months. But no one benefits from exhausted burned-out caregivers except hospital admin and staff/physicians who benefit from having extra hands on deck for next to no cost. The rare exeception might be made to allow surgery residents to extend duty hours to continue work on an in-progress surgery that goes long.

    What’s been so sad for me to see as a medical student are what sycophants my classmates are. They are “appalled” when our attendings and rotation managers mention the new proposal and insist they won’t be trained properly. “Isn’t there something we can do??!!” the insist. Blerg!

    I’d like to go back and read what the papers said about proposals to all African-americans and women the right to vote. I’m sure they were convinced our country would go to hell in a handbasket. And it has, but only because people won’t ever give up being such jerks to each other.

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