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Introducing the “MOPING” Specialties

March 12, 2010 5 comments

Many of us have heard of the acronym, ROAD.   The saying goes that anyone fortunate enough to have landed a residency in one of these specialties is well on their way to the “road” to happiness.  Though each of these fields have their own particular issues, they are known for affording better lifestyles with lower hours and better pay.  For those of you not in the know, ROAD stands for:

R-  Radiology

O- Opthalmology

A- Anesthesiology

D- Dermatology

May I now introduce to you, MOPING.  Those who choose one of these specialties risk finding themselves indeed “moping” in the future.  Don’t say now that you haven’t been warned! 

M-  Medicine (Family) (need to know a lot about everything and get paid crap; “noctors” intruding on the field)

O-  Ob/Gyn  (wildly erratic hours, malpractice rates that would leave you breathless)

P- Pediatrics (lowest paid specialty; crazy parents)

I- Internal Medicine (sucks so bad no explanation needed, only hope out is doing a second residency….I mean fellowship)

N- Neurosurgery (brutal 7 year residency with brutal hours; essentially sacrificing your life for a higher calling)

G- General Surgery (demanding 5 year long residency, some very malignant personalities to deal with, your mechanic gets paid more to fix your car than the surgeon who removes your appendix)

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