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Bronx Woman Gets $60 MILLION for VAGINA Injury

February 17, 2010 8 comments

        Actually, the labia to be more precise.  According to this article 60,000,000 US Dollars (Yes, MILLION) were awarded by a Bronx jury to Ms. Alison Hugh this week after she sustained an injury to the involved private after going for a cosmetic thigh lift procedure. 

        If this particlar case does not scream TORT REFORM, quite frankly I don’t know what does.  You would think for 60 million that she lost 2 arms, 2 legs, an ear, and an eyeball.  This is even above and beyond brain damaged baby territory.  Here we have a clear cut example of how runaway juries can dole out valuable healthcare dollars like monopoly money and why ambulance chasing lawyers are so eager to play the healthcare lotto.  What I find even more shocking than the jury award is the fact that I would never have known about this case if it weren’t for the above lone article.  Apparently, exorbitant malpractice awards have become so matter of fact that they rarely even make the headlines anymore.  Meanwhile, healthcare costs continue to rally upwards as physicians pay ever mounting malpractice premiums and order more needless tests to rule out that needle in a haystack.   In the end, we all wind up paying for this woman’s almighty precious labia.

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