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The Joys of Working in a Pain Clinic

Pain Medicine Anyone?

Medicinesux, of all the specialties in medicine which one do you dislike the most? PAIN MEDICINE – Hands down by a mile…..actually, make that a lightyear! Could you even imagine medicinesux in the above scenario??? I would’ve spontaneously combusted before she rattled off her third allergy. (video made by youtuber “crickethk”)

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  1. simplelifeinfrance
    January 11, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    I can’t even claim that I’ve wondered lately if I’m a ‘success’ or not. Really, how the heck can you judge that? But I so remember being younger (end of high school and right after college). So many people I knew, in my family etc, seemed to be constantly wanting to evaluate me and hold me up in terms of things I did that they could be ‘proud of.’ These things are usually tangible (cars, spouses, incomes, jobs, fellowships . . .whatever). It’s very embedded in our culture, this adding up of proof that you are a success. I’m on this kick of thinking about our puritan roots lately, and I think it goes back to that–the whole looking for visible proof that you’re part of the ‘elect.’ You’re right, there’s a lot to being a decent person that cannot be verified from the outside.

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