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PEDIATRICS- The Most Underpaid Specialty

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It is no secret that pediatrics is the most underpaid of all medical specialties. It just goes to show you how much our country really values it’s youngest and most vulnerable citizens.  Exactly how bad has it gotten? Check out and see for yourself on this forum where DC housewives congregate and discuss the matter.


“I left private practice as an internist because the money was awful and the hours were even worse. I made $110K and worked my butt off; on top of that I have to pay down $150K in student loan debt.
My friends are leaving practice in droves — esp. OB’s because of increasing malpractice premiums.”

 “I always assumed that my sister in law who has a nice practice in Baltimore was doing well. Then I found out that she made 89k last year. That is after all the late nights and weekends, her pager is always going off.”

“I worked for an insurance company in claims, and at times (sadly) we laughed at the small checks we would send the docs.”

“I am a pediatrician. Full-time docs starting out make $90,000. I’m part-time, so I actually make proportionately less.”

 “If you thought I had it made…I really HAD IT!!” 

“I do not have any desire to go to the hospital anymore. It cost more to pay the malpractice insurance than what you collect for your services in the hospital”

 “The problem is that you are on a treadmill to keep up with expenses in the face of lower insurance reimbursements — so the way to make up for it is to see more and more patients.”

“There’s no prestige left in it, and the salary is not that great. Last year, had I worked full-time, I would have made 1/10 what my non-physician husband made (who spent 9 fewer years in formal education than I did). And I’m a surgeon.”

“I doubt it will be too long before I stop going back to work.”

“My husband is a dean at one of the medical schools in town and while I don’t have an exact figure, I know that a daily concern of his is just how much debt his medical students are graduating with these days. Almost universally 100K+ and often $250K+.”

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