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Wouldn’t You Rather Go To OUTER SPACE?

December 10, 2009 2 comments

(photo by skookums on Flickr)

As I was reading through the comments section on a student advocacy site I frequent, I came across the following. Apparently the cost to attend medical school in the United States has risen so “astronomically” that it is now cheaper to go to outer space!   Unbelievable isnt’ it? For a cool $200,000, you can secure a spot on Virgin Galactic and go where few have gone before. How can anyone turn down the opportunity to experience several minutes of celestial bliss and zero gravity versus spending year after year getting tortured in our healthcare system? Furthermore, when you are old and gray you will have one awesome story to tell your grandkids rather than explain how you got to disimpact the 90 year old nursing home admit when you were a lowly intern. Need another reason? Victoria Principal has booked a seat and could be your co-astronaut! Anyone interested in putting down a deposit?

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