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What a Thread ==> Should I Quit Medical School?

December 7, 2009 13 comments

The Student Doctor Network (SDN) continues to hate on me. Apparently, the cartoon that I featured on my last blog posting was considered to be too “sexual” since “naked women” are not allowed on SDN. I was asked to remove it. I don’t even think the Puritans were this prude! And than today, a really great thread that I stumbled upon for the first time that I posted in the Allopathic Forum was pulled down without explanation. So what was my response? To post it here so even more people can read it! Anyways, right below is the involved link.  Apparently, everything is supposed to be peaches and cream in med land. Clearly, it is not.


In case you are short of time because you have to begin a six hour study session, I thought I would give you some of the highlights-

“i feel stupid multiple times a day and i want to punch my resident in the face”

 “I liked the first two years of med school, but then it was downhill from there”

 “Basically finishing my fourth year at Pritzker, UChicago. And am going to quit” 

“i want to quit so badly, but the loans scare me so much.”

 “I have just completed my first year of medical school, and I am quitting”

 “I feel relieved, I’m now free to do whatever else I want, to explore, to spend time with family, friends, and to start building a life instead of burying myself in debt and spending the majority of my 20s in a library.”

 “Med school has turned me into an extremely anxious and depressed person, when I used to be such a smiley optimist”

 “I hate the fact that i’m too afraid to quit right now. My heart is not in it.”

 “I live for weekends off and vacations. I hate that. I feel like I’m wishing my life away.”

 “I’ve got a taste of life out school and I don’t want to ever feel trapped gain. It takes more courage to leave med school than to suck it up.”

Geez Louise!   And we haven’t even entered residency yet!  I was simultaneosly amazed yet not surprised at the volume of posts from disgruntled med students. By posting this link I was hoping to convey to others having doubts that they are not alone. I can’t tell you how many emails I get from pre-meds all the way up to attendings well into practice asking for advice on how to “get out”. Sadly, there is somewhat of a shame in the medical community to openly discuss such thoughts which is nonsense. You know what is shameful? How our healthcare system mercilessly abuses those in it. I can fully relate to many who generously shared their innermost misgivings and concerns in the above link. I never thought it could happen to me as I can always remember wanting to be a doctor going back to elementary school. However, I found that my dissatisfaction with medicine started to emerge third year of med school and only grew from there. Residency is where my feelings REALLY began to sour and I got to see medicine in all its horrid glory. I somehow made it through residency graduating several months ago. As I’ve recently shared, I am diligently working on my escape plan and hope to be out of medicine forever someday. I have compared this to almost like being in a marriage that has gone horribly wrong that is beyond repair. As each day goes on, it only gets worse and I want a divorce. Especially since I found something else I fell madly in love with (yes, I confess that I had an affair with another career for a year in between switching residencies!) There is only so much physical and mental abuse one can take. Why stay with a zero when you can be with a hero?

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