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A Career in Mortuary Science

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Don’t dismiss a career in mortuary science. If FORCED to choose a healthcare related field again, this is the one I would give some serious consideration. Why is that you may ask? Well hear me out. Open up a funeral home, and kaching kaching! Don’t ever have to worry about getting sued since your client is already dead. No USMLE’s. No drawn out residency to suffer through. Minimal paperwork. Charge whatever you wish- mark up prices of coffins and urns to your heart’s desire not worrying about Obamacare. Real estate prices are quite depressed nowadays so you could probably get a really good deal on a funeral home. And if they have another cash for clunkers incentive you could get a great bargain on a hearse. Baby boomers who screwed over the next generation will be dropping off in droves in the coming decades. You may even get some morbid satisfaction out of that. Don’t laugh…….I am dead serious.

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  1. Anonymous
    July 16, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    Yes this is very true. I work at the hospital and every time I talked to the mortuary who picks up the dead bodies, they say they are excited about their next paycheck that will bring about 8 or 9k in a month, thats crazy. The guy I talked to wasn’t even the one that owns the funeral home, he does only transportation for dead bodies with his own van. He has a pager and funeral homes page him for the locations and stuff. He works his own hours. lol

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