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How Government Programs Drive Up College Tuitions

Watch Peter Schiff clearly explain how the proliferation of student loans through govt backing is one of the main reasons why tuitions are zooming to some eternal zenith in this country. By enslaving the younger generation to years and years of indentured servitude we can now better understand how some highly ranked administrators can make millions as mentioned in yesterday’s posting.

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  1. Jedi
    February 20, 2010 at 5:49 am

    Check out the latest issue of Democracy (Issue #15, Winter 2010) at democracyjournal.org, the article titled, “That Old College Lie,” by Kevin Carey. I’m quite speechless, but not surprised at all. Our institution for Higher Education w/ their special interest lobbies, no longer cares about students these days, selling false-promises, and avoiding transparency and accountability altogether, all for the mighty buck…

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