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Suzanne Somers is at it again!

October 19, 2009 3 comments

Suzanne Somers is at it again. Now “Dr. Somers” is releasing yet another book called “Knockout” where “she argues against what she sees as the vast and often pointless use of chemotherapy.”

It is egregious that this quackery can be fed to the masses like this. Anyone else who tries to play doctor without a medical license is thrown in jail. But this is worse. While one fake doc might kill one or two people at the most before being found out by the state medical board, her ignorance is capable of killing thousands. I hope one of her reader’s vengeful family members sues her ass for millions.

In the following video she explains today to Ann Curry how her book is one of hope!? I see it as one of doom. She further states that she wishes how this book had been around when she was fighting breast cancer. If this was the case she wouldn’t be sitting here giving us insight into her remarkable stupidity.

Suzanne Somers is a nauseating heinous hag who will prostitute out her soul to make a dollar even if it means prematurely taking the lives of desperate cancer victims. Utterly disgusting!

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