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And The AWARD Goes To…

TUFTS University for leading the way with the highest tuition amongst all medical schools in the entire United States. A whopping $51968 per year! Congratulations are in order for being the first institution to cross the 50K barrier!  Surely, others will be taking your lead.  Honorable mention goes to Colorado for raping their out of state students for tuition.

 TUFTS Estimated 2009/2010 student budget

As you can see this does not include everything else from room, board, health insurance, books, transportation, loan fees, etc. After your four years you will be staring at over 300K in debt!!! And with the loans locked at 7% interest, your debt will be climbing to the tune of 21 thousand smackeroos a year. Don’t call me an alarmist. The numbers are right there before you in black ink.

Year 1: $73,336

Year 2: $73,625

Year 3: $84,451

Year 4: $82,966


Grand Total: $ 314378 (God forbid you have undergrad loans to add!)

The current bleak student loan issue is nothing compared to what lies right down the road. With the economy in the toilet, why is it that tuitions keep spiraling upwards when everything else has come crashing down? Just when you think practicing medicine couldn’t possibly get any worse. It always….well…….just does. Should be really interesting to see all this unfold-Got popcorn?

You can watch the acceptance speech below-

Way to go Tufts!!! You are so well deserving of this award.

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  1. sunshine
    December 8, 2009 at 12:41 am

    The system should charge the tuition rate, plus a 1-2% fee for the loan. (no compounding interest). Every payment would be subtracted from the real principal. with no penalties ever.

    I think alot of people run from the payments (give up) & default etc because their 400 dollar payment goes for the rest of their lifetimes, and they can never get out from underneath the 8% interest rate etc.

  2. sunshine
    December 8, 2009 at 12:42 am

    assuming the undergrad has a 50k loan for a undergrad biz degree.

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