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Fired Hopkins Surgery Resident Sues for $24 Million

August 27, 2009 17 comments

It seems like Hopkins is yet again on the cutting edge of medicine these days. According to the article, a former surgical resident, Dr. Oscar Serrano, with a seemingly impeccable record up until his dismissal had gotten the axe from his program after allegedly his superiors erroneously assumed he was behind a complaint that initiated an investigation of their surgery residency program. Furthermore, the article also states that, Dr. Julie Ann Freischlag, chief of surgery claims that this was not the case and that he was terminated because he was MENTALLY ILL! I am quite frankly nauseated to keep hearing about former residents who were just booted out of their program, have been put on probation, are afraid of pending probation, or dropped out altogether because of the hell they have been put through with their programs. In any other job if you get fired you can simply get back up on your feet and just work somewhere else. However, this is not the case with residency. It is like being dropped in the middle of Death Valley in the middle of July and left to fend for yourself without any food or water. Essentially, an MD without residency merely equates to that of a BA degree. In this case, MD stands for “Massive Debt”. Furthermore, you have all the years you already invested into medical school and the six figure debt that does not go away. This is why this is such a scary scenario and sadly it happens way more than it should. I hope this resident takes Hopkins to the cleaners and a precedent is set that an environment of bullying and intimidation with the threat of constant dismissal will no longer be tolerated.

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