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Primary Care is in for a world of hurt in the very near future. Crushing debtloads with stagnant pay. Still have your head in the sand? It is already happening in the law profession. Something is rotten in Denmark and it is coming our way.

Meanwhile, the lenders and academic institutions are laughing all the way to the bank while they are essentially putting a LIEN ON YOUR LIFE. A lien that can never go away since STUDENT LOANS ARE NOT DISCHARGEABLE. This is truly one of the biggest scams going, if not worse. In any other scam, you only lose what you already have….except in this situation, you lose what you still have yet to make! It’s almost as if you would be better off being swindled out of 50K from some fraudulent email sent out of Nigeria than owing 300K to Sallie Mae which you don’t even have yet! Don’t get me wrong, I am all for paying a reasonable amount back for a quality education. But when you have unreasonable debt loads in an unreasonable healthcare system, paying it back…well…seems rather unreasonable. And what is reasonable? Well, they say you shouldn’t buy a house that is more than 2.5-3 times your salary without over leveraging yourself. In the same vein, I believe that your total student debt (including undergrad) should not supercede your anticipated income. In other words, if you plan on doing primary care, your total debt should not go over 125K or so. It should most certainly not be over 200K. But at the rate things are going, this is going to be very problematic to attain with skyrocketing tuitions and higher interest rates.

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