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How Starbucks Saved My Life

November 27, 2008 Leave a comment

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought this would be a most opportune time to post the following story.  Michael Gates Gill talks about his journey from great wealth to having little on the Sunday Morning Show (excuse the crappy quality of the video but it really is worth watching). Going in the opposite direction most of us strive for, see how Mr. Gill ironically finds a sense of contentment and well being that we all yearn for yet eludes so many of us. What struck me most in this clip is when he talks about how he is so much happier living in his one room apt versus his 20 room mansion in his former life. No longer burdened with the all the stresses to maintain such a home, Mr. Gill is able to live a more peaceful state of being. On another program, he compares this feeling to that of being in the airport and being weighed down by lots of luggage vs having a light backpack with all that you would ever need. If you want to learn more about Mr. Gill’s story, you can pick up a copy of his book, “How Starbucks Saved My Life” or you can watch his life story on film in an upcoming movie where Tom Hanks plays his character.

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