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More is Better

February 18, 2008 2 comments

        The above clip is from a segment of 60 minutes which aired over the weekend delving into the topic of what constitutes happiness. Living in a highly commercialized crap buying society, Americans are taught from a very young age that “More is Better”. Through the purchase of more “things” we can temporarily quell our unhappiness. However, just like a junkie shooting himself up with heroin, it feels really good only for a brief moment until we start craving the next hit. We are never satisfied and always want more, more, more! And since “More is Better” how do we get more? You have to work more!
        Is it no wonder why Americans work among the most hours on this planet? So in order to get more you have to work more or go into more debt. With physicians in this country working an average of 55 hours and up a week amidst declining compensation in the face of inflation, are those extra things really worth what one is putting in? As for myself, I am really start to think that I have a better chance of finding “happiness” by downshifting my life than continuing to run on this never ending medical hamster wheel.

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