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John Ritter’s family goes on sueing spree


“Ritter’s second wife, Amy Yasbeck, and his four children have already received a reported $14 million in settlements with nine other medical entities, including the hospital where he was treated.”

Geez lady, 14 million is still not enough???  Sucks for the ER doc and cardiologist getting sued….I’m sure they wished they just would’ve called in sick that day.  Just goes to show you how every patient that rolls through the door is a possible ticking time bomb that can blow at any moment unleashing fury on those within standing distance.

This story reminds me of Sweetie, the cute Cocker Spaniel that my family had when I was a young and gullible kid.  One morning before going off to school….I think I was like in the fifth grade….I was rolling around the kichen room floor playing joyfully (and intentionally delaying myself from going to the bus stop) with Sweetie when she was a little puppy.  All of a sudden I felt a sharp stabbing pain on the side of my head.   When I reached up I felt blood trickling from my ear and onto my hand.   When I wasn’t looking, my dear Sweetie lunged at my ear and bit it!!!  Though I still have my right ear, I have the scar to this day to prove it.  So why do I mention this story?  Because in today’s medical zoo like environment where the jackpot lotto abounds, the cutest grandma or the most cheerful teenie bopper can cut you down when you least expect it.  Though they say having good rapport reduces lawsuits, you can sure bet that when millions are on the table any sort of “great relationship” you had with your patient will quickly take second seat.  Motto of the story?  Beware of Sweetie!!!   She can hurt! 

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