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Don’t Cha?

January 27, 2008 Leave a comment

This was a question posed by someone over on SDN tonight-

“What do you like about being a MD?”

Here is my response:

Top ten things I love about being a MD:

1. I exude prestige…it seeps out of every pore of my very being…all those around me can sense it and bow down in my presence

2. I am a total chick magnet….So many girls crawl all over me I literally have to push them away and pluck them off me one by one

3. I rake in the dough…with one small withdrawal my bank will literally go into default

4. I am so smart…smarter than lawyers, bankers, ceos and computers

5. I am stylish…I get to wear clothes of only the very best quality…my suits are all imported from Italy and I am to die for in my pearly white coat

6. I am powerful…my power rivals that of the czars of Russia and the emperors of empires long past….those under me tremble in fear and piss in their pants

7. I am important…if i call in sick the hospital I work at will come to a screaching halt and all my patients will die a gruesome death

8. I am respectworthy…no other job out there comes close to that of being a physician. The public is so appreciative of my efforts and will never spite me.

9. I am happy…my life is so great (because of all the above) that I beam ecstasy; my smile is infectious and instills joy into all the wonderful nurses and dedicated residents I get to work with each and every day

10. I am amazing….simply amazing! Don’t cha you wish you could be like me?

The Pussycat Dolls – Don’t Cha (Uncensored)

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