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If I were 25 again…


just some interesting quote I stumbled upon while surfing around the internet this evening and thought I would share:

“If I were 25 again, I think I could more easily work until 65 or 70 doing something I loved part-time than working until 50 doing something that stressed me out and made me dread Monday mornings. The more I start hating my job sometimes, the more I envy people who love their work, even if they only made 1/3 the salary.”


In my case, in addition to dreading Monday mornings i would also have to throw in Saturdays & Sundays, 1 AM & 5 AMs, Christmas and New Years, endless calls & home back up calls.   But damn, what an earth shattering, ground breaking, epiphany of a quote this is to me!  Oh ziggy29 where were you 10 years ago when I could’ve used your words of wisdom!!!  Do I trudge on till I am 50 sacrificing another LONG 2 decades of my life (no way I can last a day past fifty on the path I am currently on!)?  Or go to 70 doing something I love (heck make that 80 God willing!) ?  I know one reason some people feel “stuck” is because they have no clue what they would do instead, so they plod onwards.  As for myself, I know exactly what I would do.  The answer seems so obvious yet why can’t I cut myself free and embrace happiness?

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