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Health Insurance Sucks

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Health Insurance Sucks in the USA

Through her sassy sense of humor, Theresident asks people on the street their thoughts on the current state of health insurance in the USA.

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Joining a Gang

December 21, 2007 2 comments


Over on SDN, there has been quite a popular thread brewing this week entitled “Why do you keep doing it if you’re miserable?” .  This got me thinking-

Isn’t Medicine in many ways just like joining  a gang?

Now now… bear with me for a moment…I realize that this may be a bit of a stretch but hear me out.  In order to get into a gang one must undergo a brutal initiation.  If you survive getting the crap beaten out of you,  then you can proudly call yourself a gangster.  Likewise, to call yourself a doctor you must undergo four years of torture called medical school in the form of endless tests and being pissed on by everybody including the assistant of the nursing assistant.

Gangs are said to use physical violence to keep their members in check just as verbal and mental violence is freely unleashed about the hospital work environment to keep residents always on guard.  Gangs also define themselves as being opposed to mainstream norms.  Whereas normal people work 9-5, don’t allow themselves to get beeped at 2AM, or work 30 hrs STRAIGHT, Medicine sees this as perfectly acceptable.  Now if this way of life does not seem to be the paradise that you had previously envisioned, you are in for a rude awakening.  If you try to get out of the gang you will be hunted down and killed.  If you leave medicine, you have broken your vows to the NRMP contract and are blacklisted from re entering the match (not that you would ever want to return to residency if you are lucky enough to get to this point).  You would never talk about this Machiavellian scheme to others in your gang or residency for fear of being labeled “weak” or “lazy” or “stupid”.   You will quickly be made to feel like an outsider and that is the last thing anyone wants to feel.  So like most everyone else in your predicament,  you shut up and suck it up and stay just like some battered wife who refuses to leave her husband.

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Welcome to Medicinesux

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Welcome to Medicinesux and my very first posting!  In this blog, I will shed my true thoughts and opinions regarding the medical profession.  Just be forewarned- what you will find here will be raw, blunt, and provoking.  It is meant to be eye opening and exposing what medicine really is as seen through the eyes of ONE resident.

If you are looking for the latest clinical studies on whether CT or V/Q scanning should be the initial imaging choice to rule out PE, I can assure you that you will not find it here (If you really must know then click here  If you are looking for the inside secrets of getting into a top medical school, you won’t find much help here either.  If anything I will try to talk you out of it.  However, if you were chewed out by an attending today for not knowing every damn positive culture result and sensitivity going back 2 months on your patient, Septic Suzy, or passed out after holding the retractors for seven hours straight in the OR this just may be the blog for you.   In order to keep this blog as real as possible and to protect my anonymity, all I will say for now is that I am Resident X at Program Y in Specialty Z.  Welcome to my world of medicine- or should I say, welcome to the Jungle!

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